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PS3 YLOD Repair     (615)859-5669

ps3 overheatingYellow Light of Death
Lights blink, won't start

Blinking red light, yes red?
Won't start at all?


When the RESET button is pressed, the Playstation 3 power lights progress from RED to GREEN (1.5 seconds) to YELLOW (then a beep) to BLINKING RED. The system does not turn on.

NOTE: If the green light stays on for less than 1/2 second, you may have a defective power supply.


Old, dried-out heatsink paste must be removed and replaced in order to allow the cooling system to prevent YLOD.
After 3 years, many PS3s' heat sink paste dries out because of the extreme heat generated by the 2 main processors. The heat sink becomes unable to properly cool the processors, causing overheating and subsequent partial desoldering of the graphics processing unit (GPU). The system will automatically shut down, leaving you with nothing but blinking RED LIGHTS.

It's possible to prevent the yellow light of death by cleaning and re-pasting the heat sink.


ps3 ylod repair
PS3's RSX graphics processor with fresh solder, prior to being reattached to the motherboard.

The PS3 is disassembled and completely cleaned. The heat sink and processors are cleaned, the GPU is removed, cleaned, freshly soldered (reballed) and reconnected to the motherboard. Finally, the heat sink and processors are re-pasted to prevent future overheating (we recommend examining the heat sink for paste breakdown every 2 years).


Call (615)859-5669


Have Your YLOD Repaired Permanently

The REBALL process is without a doubt the most reliable repair for the yellow light of death. We have a nearly perfect record of permanent repair for PS3s that have not been previously opened... that's why we ask if your warranty label is intact.

We can write pages and pages about the REBALL and REFLOW processes here, but you probably just need the English version. Please call us at your convenience - 615-859-5669

playstation 3 reballingYLOD Reball Repair
- GPU Chip Reballed
- Heat Sink Repasted
- 6 Month Warranty

   (unless Sony seal is broken)
$99.95 + $20 shipping

ship your PS3 to:

Fix My Playstation
2220 Baker Road
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Please include a

NO WARRANTY if Sony Seal is Broken
(Call for details 615-859-4070)






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